Author - Don Haefliger

The Octette Bridge Club to open on March 4, 2016

Independent Players continues its 38th Season with The Octette Bridge Club by P. J. Barry, a thoroughly delightful chronicle of family life, set in 1934, which Allan Wallach, in Newsday, called “a sentimental group portrait … as nostalgic as a Saturday Evening Post cover.”  The play concerns eight Irish-American and very Roman Catholic sisters in Providence, Rhode Island, who meet every other Friday night for home-baked pie, titillating gossip, banter and bridge.  The first act takes place in 1934, [...]

Reflections on Independent Players performances of Love4

When the cast finished its successful run of LOVE4  on Saturday, October 10 with a standing ovation, INDEPENDENT PLAYERS had successfully presented its first musical revue since 1994.  From the solid response it received from its audiences throughout the run, everyone involved knew that this had been a very special three weeks.  Praise for the talent and professionalism of the entire cast was consistent night after night, and audience members, some of whom were seeing IP for the first time, [...]

Elgin Fringe Fest Recap

Having been a part of the Elgin Fringe Fest, actors and director agree that it was worth the work that went into mounting Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano was both very worthwhile and satisfying to all.  The entire cast consisted of actors who had graced the IP stage in past seasons:  August Conte appeared in seven productions including Uncle Vanya and The Royal Family; Beth Hitzeroth-McDonald appeared in five productions (including The Club [twice] and Waiting in the Wings); Patrick [...]

Independent Players Unveils New Website

After several years of seeking funding for the design and development of a website, followed by serious discussion, planning and implementation, INDEPENDENT PLAYERS is proud and excited to launch its new website.  Now, as it begins its 38th Season, IP is realizing its dream to be able to more effectively spread the word about what it is currently doing (as well as what it has done in the past) in a really big way. For 37 years, IP has [...]

LOVE4: A Musical Revue Conceived And Directed By Doug Orlyk

Independent Players will officially open its 2015-2016 Season with an entertaining musical revue conceived and directed by Doug Orlyk entitled LOVE4 (LOVE to the 4th power). LOVE4 features a variety of songs from contemporary musical theatre.  So what’s with that title? Director Doug Orlyk explains: “The songs we’ve selected explore love.  It’s all about the most heartfelt of emotions --- the four interrelated experiences of wanting love, finding love, keeping love and losing love.”  Set to open on September 25 and to run [...]

Independent Players brings The Bald Soprano to the Elgin Fringe Festival

In its first appearance at the Elgin Fringe Festival, Independent Players will present Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano (1950) a hilarious unique satire on the ordinary English middle class.  In this play, Mr. and Mrs.  Smith talk to each other at cross purposes, while their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, fail to understand and the Maid and a Fire Chief enter the fray, and get nowhere at all.  The Bald Soprano inspired a revolution in dramatic techniques and helped [...]

Independent Players Discusses Remainder of Season

The remainder of the 2015-2016 Season of Independent Players is rapidly taking shape at this time. The shows which will complete the season as it now stands have been selected, but because the schedule of dates has not yet been officially set by the City of Elgin, they cannot be announced. That being said, the show which will be produced in March is entitled The Octette Bridge Club (called by one critic “A Norman Rockwell illustration come to life.”) is [...]