Suggested Price: $99.00

  • Your support helps provide necessary prop/set items for a production
  • You are credited for your support in the season program and on the IP website

Minimum Price: $1.00


INDEPENDENT PLAYERS, Inc., is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit theatre organization which is dedicated to bringing new experiences in play-going to the community it serves. Plays are to be produced in the framework of a season beginning in the fall and potentially continuing through the summer.  They are chosen from the full scope of dramatic literature, including musicals, with consideration given to the production of a new play each season.  IP’s intention is to serve the northwest suburban area through the mounting of professional dramatic and musical productions.  In order to achieve this, IP showcases the finest talent available, drawn predominantly from the area which it serves, but also includes non-union artists from the greater Chicago metropolitan area. In future seasons, it hopes to be able to bring to its stage some of the young professionals who work in the Chicago area to work side-by-side with the many extremely talented non-professionals whom it now consistently features in its productions.  IP, therefore, hopes, through such multi-dimensional efforts, to continue to make the theatre experience enjoyable, informative and illuminating, as well as readily accessible, to those who live in the greater metropolitan area.


Interested in finding out more about INDEPENDENT PLAYERS?  If you have questions or would like to become a contributor financially or work on productions in any capacity whatsoever, contact IP at or call Artistic Director, Don Haefliger at 847-828-5602.